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Are you taking more vitamins than you really need?

Do you often feel like taking your morning vitamins is a part time job?

Or like you could rattle when you walk your taking that many things? I often come across many patients who talk to me about if they really need to be taking everything they are, or if its just ‘money down the drain’! The supplement industry is often under the spotlight for people self prescribing and paying way more than they need to be on supplements that may not even be beneficial for them or they’re current condition. Does this sound familiar? The most common misconception is that many of us walk into the supplement shop and go straight for the cheapest product on the shelf – and why not? With increasing costs of everything else in life why spend more money on one product when the one sitting next to it is labelled the same, claims to do the same thing, and costs less? No brainer right? However, what we actually need to do is calculate the RDI (recommended daily intake) for each vitamin and then figure out how many tablets you need to take to reach that amount? In some instances it could be 3 or 4 PER DAY! Which then means 3 per day x how many in the jar = only a week or two worth = need to restock a lot more frequently! Now i’m not a mathematician, but if you calculate that over a period of a year, it means a lot of money GONE GONE GONE! I know we’re all very time poor, and like to think we’re on top of it, but I hate to think your wasting unnecessary money that you don’t have! For the month of September I’m offering everyone an EXPRESS Naturopath consultation (15minute phone or email consult to discuss your supplement schedule and hopefully get you on the right track! If your interested please contact me via: We can discuss your personal needs and preferences! Keira x

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