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Common Foot Conditions

With the lifestyle we live these days, we tend to see many more people attending the practice with foot ‘problems’, ranging from acute to severely chronic.

The prevalence of foot complaints increases with age, but more and more children also seem to be suffering. Why is that? Foot dysfunction in younger individuals might reduce work productivity and increase the risk of injury, which may result in a decrease in quality of life.

A recent study looked at the variation in diagnosis and management of common foot problems by GP’s, where they looked at the competence of GP’s to correctly diagnose. Interestingly enough, up to 70% were incorrectly diagnosed. Are you ‘walking around’ with an incorrect foot diagnosis?

In terms of management, this same study found 6 in 10 patients with plantar fasciitis were treated by GP’s themselves, with reassurance and lifestyle advice (lose weight, wear better shoes, and relax more) the most common. Treatment also included pain and anti-inflammatory medication.

As many of us know, this treatment is beneficial as a band-aid approach – mask the symptoms for a little while, but they will often return. The most important thing with treatment approach is to approach the cause, rather then the symptoms. This can include biomechanics, foot support etc. We see many patients in and out of the practice who have been misdiagnosed, incorrectly treated, and suffering immensely. If this sounds like you – touch base with us! We can offer entire biomechanical analysis, provide orthotic support and offer hands on treatment where required.

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