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Does the change in weather affect your pain?

Remember when your grandmother used to tell you she could feel the change in weather coming? All because her aches and pains were beginning to get worse?

Did you ever believe her?

Do you believe your pain changes with the weather?

It’s quite ironic the number of patients that strongly believe their intensity of pain is related to what is going on in the weather.

So god help those people in this Sydney summer – 35degrees one day, 25degrees the next… how can our body ever adjust appropriately?

Maybe we’ll all have to pack up and move somewhere tropical and warm – that brings with it it’s own set of problems!

We can’t win!

When Keira was studying her final year at uni her research project was based on this exact topic (not one she chose herself), but after now what seems like many moons ago, and 2 kids later her research got published!

So if you have a spare minute or two (cause we all have plenty of spare time on our hands), or feel like having a read of some interesting, yet possibly disagreeable information you’ll find her article here:

If you don’t agree with this, feel free to let us know what you think!

Let’s just say – it is and always will be a very GREY area (excuse the pun)!


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