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Holiday Madness: Staying injury-free during the silly season!


Here we are again, Its the Holiday Madness, yet another year drawing to a close! It feels as though only a couple months ago we were packing away all those Christmas decorations, and now, all of a sudden, we are again surrounded by the colorful decorations and twinkling lights that define the December holiday season.

The summer season is the time of year when we all let our hair down, party hard, and feel worry-free, but this time of year is one of the favorites at our practice for the more unusual and interesting injuries.

The Christmas parties gone wild, the backyard cricket gone too competitive, the dancing routines made that bit more precarious with alcohol involved—we could go on! But we really want to thank you, our loyal patients, for this wonderful year! We wish you the best for the break and the new year to come! Jeff, Keira & The Team x

Our Christmas Opening Hours:


22nd – 26th December – CLOSED 27th + 28th December -OPEN 29th – 30th December – CLOSED 31st December – OPEN 1st January – CLOSED 2nd January – Normal Hours resume

Your body will love you if you give it these…

At this time of year, our lives are often non-stop and we don’t look after ourselves as well as we would like. Listed below are some vitamins and supplements which could help give you that extra boost to get you through the hectic summer holiday + partying season!

Magnesium: Magnesium supports the enzyme that breaks down alcohol and eliminates it from the body. Alcohol depletes a range of vitamins and minerals from your body and the kingpin to this is magnesium! It is the anti-stress mineral that most people with a hangover are deficient in. Magnesium helps to avoid the thickened blood and tiny clots that can cause blood vessel spasms and the pain of a tension headache and hangover and also relaxes the head and neck muscle tension that makes a hangover worse.

Vitamin C: Having a healthy dose of Vitamin C in your system before and after drinking may prevent or reduce the severity of hangovers by speeding up the metabolism of alcohol by the liver. Vitamin C also helps block the conversion of alcohol into aldehyde, the most hangover-causing metabolite that also causes very fast aging, wrinkles, etc.

St Mary’s Thistle: Milk Thistle is an herbal supplement that detoxifies & protects vital liver functions. Milk thistle also contains properties shown to offer the body antioxidant benefits. Milk thistle has been used for over 2,000 years as a liver tonic with the active ingredient of milk thistle (silymarin) helping to improve liver function tests by acting as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory in the liver cells.

*Please note care should be taken if taking prescription medications – if your not sure please contact us or your local GP.


The Importance of Supportive Summer Footwear

Most of us love to throw our shoes in the cupboard & bring out those trusty thongs to get us through the warmer summer months, many of these shoes however are doing more damage than good! The classic Aussie thongs are generally made from flimsy pieces of rubber with thin straps which provides no support for your feet – Yet we then rely on these shoes for long walks largely on footpaths or flat bitumen roads where our feet are allowed to continue to misbehave. Over the summer months people then wonder into our offices confused why they have bad back, leg or foot pain! Now we’re all guilty of it – myself included – just last month my family and I were lucky enough to go on holiday to Hawaii! As we all do on holiday, I was walking around in my summer thongs for 2 weeks almost non-stop and created a lovely heel spur which I’m still trying to get rid of! This is a constantly re-occurring issue that I find – people aren’t wearing footwear that provides their feet with the support they need. The best way around this major issue is quite obvious – make sure to purchase a pair of thongs for the summer that have built in arch support! Due to higher consumer demand, there are so many options for arch-supportive thongs available at the click of a button in any style you want. So you no longer have any excuse not to buy yourself a pair or snatch some up for a nice Christmas present for someone else… We stock a range of thongs at the practice so if you are wanting to look for a pair of thongs, let Cindy or one of our other friendly receptionists know and they will be more than happy to help!


ANNOUNCEMENT Pilates Classes are returning for 2019! As of Mid January our lovely, small & intimate pilates classes will be back! Small groups of 4-5 people maximum in each class & claimable on private health fund! If your interested please click here & we will be in touch


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