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Is your foot pain actually a heel spur?

So here we are again, already one month into 2018… how did that happen?Time for those that got a break to get back into routine, and those unlucky one’s that didn’t to just keep plodding along. In this profession this time of year is always the most interesting, injuries that present to the clinic are sort of like lottery – many from the ‘silly season’ that often we’re too ashamed to admit! But its these types of injuries that keep us practitioners on our toes.! However, the most reoccurring injury I’ve seen over the last month is ‘foot pain’. Horrible, sharp, intolerable foot pain on the under surface of the foot? Got your attention now? I can empathise with you at this point – managed to cause one myself after spending countless hours unpacking boxes & cleaning the new house! Oh the pain was horrible! And of course with a 1 year old who likes to wake during the night, thats when the pain was worse! Ringing any bells? So what is this pain your asking? Plantar Fasciitis or Heel Spur? Firstly lets differentiate between the two: Plantar Fasciitis is exactly as it sounds – inflammation to the plantar fascia – the layer of fascia on the under surface of the foot, which runs vertically from the base of your toes, to the bottom of the heel. For many people the pain in this area has often been going on for months, with a common tendency to try and ignore it! Pain is USUALLY located in the middle of the arch, and feels like it is being stretched when your walking. Heel Spur – Is again as it sounds, more spurring on the base of the heel. Spurring means tugging onto this area, which causes a build up of calcification therefore pain in this area is more sharp and burning like. Pain is horrible when you put your foot down, but is often generalised more than in one specific part. So if either of these are sounding familiar what can you do for it? Well, let me start by saying they top the list of ‘annoying’ injuries – annoying in the way they don’t like to respond quickly, or in the same manner for everyone. However, the longer you tend to ignore the symptoms the longer they tend to hang around once you have decided to try treatment. (So stop ignoring it people)! The other annoying part is that they RARELY, and i say RARELY, because I know someone will say they know a friend of a friend who’s did go away, but I’m yet to actually meet that person! So, treatment usually involves annoying the damn thing, annoying in a way to get your body to kick it up the bum to get moving again – this can involve dry needling, deep massage, shockwave, and then usually taping it to support it once we’v done all the above! If you sitting here reading this thinking to yourself, thats me, thats all me, we have to chat! Shoot me an email if you want to know more: or give me a buzz on 9982 6555.

Im also offering discounted sessions on shockwave therapy for the month of February so if thats enough to get you on the phone! Lets get you back to those new year resolutions ASAP! Cause hay its only Feb – you can’t have given up on them yet? Can you? x

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