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One door closes, another one opens.change..

One door closes, another one opens.change.. Well to some of you this might come as a surprise, but to those of you I have seen of late know this change has been lingering for a while now. Who knew the process of exchange was so technical & complicated – think I’ve spent way too many nights awake at 3am thinking of all the things that need to be done. Relate? This is just a brief email to inform you all – our new patients, our old patients, patients we haven’t seen in some time, patients who have forgotten we exist, and those patients who have been ignoring their pain hoping it would just disappear on its own! (YES, I’m talking to you) that some exciting changes have taken place here lately! Business is as usual – just a change of ownership! Keira has taken over from Jeff in the business side of things – and although Jeff can now spend a lot more time perfecting his golf swing, he will still be here practicing & treating patients. And in celebration of this fresh change you can receive 50% off your next booking* (so what better time than now to book that appointment)! We hope you do come say hi, but if time is poor stay tuned for some more informative emails with lots of cool offers heading your way over the next few months. P.S Don’t forget to check out of website for more info & online bookings. Keira x


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