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Pilates Classes are back!

Pilates Classes


*Do you ever look down and wonder where that 6 pack went? Or was it ever there? I can tell you now after just having my 2nd baby, i feel your pain! Many of us put that constant back pain down to a ‘bad back’, or the lack of strength in your upper body to ‘weak arms’, but did you know if you have a ‘weak core’ you are setting yourself up for constant niggles and complaints & therefore bigger hurdles along the way! Are you looking to: *Gain control over your body? *Decrease pain levels? *Get back into things you’ve had to give up? *Address any pre/post natal issues? (No matter how long ago this might have been!) *Get back into sport or other activities pain free? All our pilates classes are based on strengthening and flexibility with the use of both mat work & gravity machines! Each class is run by me, with my physiotherapist perspective, allowing each to be tailored to suit individual needs, injury concerns, and exercise levels (which means no excuses accepted)! Classes will be back up running in the first week of May, so if your interested in more information please send me an email to: – with your name & contact number.

Look forward to seeing you, Keira x


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